• Workout Gear Freshener - Lemongrass Mist Fragrance
  • Workout Gear Freshener - Lemongrass Mist Fragrance

Workout Gear Freshener - Lemongrass Mist Fragrance


If you like sports or working out, Fresh To The Roots is designed to help you stay fresh, confident and ready to kill every workout.

Worry no longer about sweaty and dirty workout equipment, smelly gloves, wrist straps, yoga mats and gym bags. Fresh to the Roots helps you create a shield between yourself and harmful bacteria, not to mention that it eliminates ‘stinky smells’ and replaces them with your favorite refreshing all natural fragrance.

Our Sportswear Freshener contains a unique blend of natural ingredients, essential oils and plant extracts that keeps your gear fresh and clean. Our proprietary formula has been designed to work on any type of material and does NOT affect fabric coloring.

Our Sportswear Freshener & Disinfectant helps you:

  • Get rid of harmful bacteria on yoga mats, gym bags, free weights, treadmills and any kind workout equipment.
  • Eliminate bad odor and restore freshness to your wrist wraps, gloves, knee sleeves and weightlifting belts. Keep them Bacteria Free!
  • Re-Fresh and Clean your gym clothes that are not quite ready to wash but not fresh enough to wear. Let’s be real, no one has time to keep washing their gym clothes after only one wear!
  • Keep your gym bag smell under check. Now you can actually look forward to a fresh smelling, bacteria free gym bag.
  • Works on any type of material. Stain free formula. Does NOT affect fabric coloring.
  • Designed to be TSA compliant (Airport Friendly!)


Our Lemongrass Mist fragrance has a distinct citrusy lemon feel. With its strong rejuvenating properties and uplifting nature, it helps you revitalize your body and mind while providing a fresh and clean touch to your environment.

How to Use:

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Spray generously on the surface you wish to clean. Works on any fabric, Does NOT leave stains.
  3. For staying fresh, spray on your fitness apparel before your workout.

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